If you want to give someone the perfect present why not give them a personalised gift made specially for them. I make many products that can have a person’s initials added for that personal touch. Whether it be a leather bag, journal, wallet, laptop case or simply a mobile phone case, I can work with you to come up with the ideal product. Just drop me an email and we can get the ball rolling…


Bespoke leather tote bag

“I found it hard to find a bag to match all my criteria, and felt bored looking at expensive brands made in China. Luckily, with Rosanna, I was able to design and personalise my bag, from scratch including all the elements I liked in various bag designs. Rosanna considered all my criteria and suggested designs and possibilities. I was able to choose each item (leather colour, lining fabric for the inside, number of pockets, etc). I’m super happy with the result and proud to carry on my very own personalised bag!”

Murielle Solioz



Upcycled leather tote bag

finished bag front“I am so happy with my new Rosanna Clare leather bag, and equally thrilled to find that I didn’t have to compromise on quality in order to have a sustainably sourced, beautiful handbag. Rosanna has taken a redundant leather jacket and turned it into a contemporary tote bag exploiting it’s unique design features in the best possible way.”

Mary Meadows

Bespoke canvas & leather rucksack

Screen Shot 2017-06-14 at 23.43.23“I’m off travelling soon and was looking for the perfect bag to take with me and keep forever, but I couldn’t find one anywhere. Not a holdall but a rucksack that would be comfortable and nice looking, with particular featured pockets, one for my passport that I wanted really secure and one in the back that was padded for my laptop. I got in touch with Rosanna and she made it so easy. I sent her pictures to show the sort of look I wanted and within a matter of weeks I got my beautiful backpack with all the features and even some extras she added because she thought they would improve the look. I use it everyday already and can’t wait to take it away with me.”

Christabel Davy


Upcycled leather rucksack

FullSizeRender“I love my new bespoke rucksack! I look carefully at craftsmanship and Rosanna Clare is as high quality as esteemed luxury brands. Knowing my bag is made from premium but would-be-waste materials, satisfies the eco warrior in me; whilst the knowledge that it’s been expertly handmade to last, with love, means I’ll be showing it off proudly.”

Nina Rennie

Custom made leather handbag

square “I came across Rosanna after a friend recommended her. I really loved the colour of the leather and the elegant design of the bags and thought it would make a fantastic present for my sister.  Rosanna made an extra large leather tote bag for her to fit all her work and baby gear in. The bag looks fantastic and all the details and workmanship are great. Made me wish I was getting it as a present. Needless to say she was super happy with the bag!”

Clem Attwood


Custom made leather handbag


“I am always admiring Rosanna’s handbags so I finally had my own one commissioned. She knew exactly what I wanted and more. The handbag is the perfect size and colour and the leather soft but strong, I know it will last a long time.  The quality is great. I love having my own unique handbag, I use it everyday!”

Ellen Bruce

Custom made leather tote bag

“I asked Rosanna to make me a leather tote for my friend’s 40th birthday, using two of my friend’s favourite colours, teal and tan. The colours worked beautifully and the finished product was amazing and more than I could have wished for. My friend loves her bag and uses it every day and gets lots of compliments on its style, colour, individuality and quality. Thank you Rosanna!”

Sarah Gagg


Custom made leather handbag


“Rosanna took my vague criteria to design and make this awesome bag! We discussed my needs and I picked out some colours and Rosanna came back to me with a few design sketches and I made my choices inspired by her ideas. The final bag is just what I was looking for. It’s Perfect!”

Natalie Mazhindu

Custom made leather wallets

commissions_wallet“We are delighted with our wallets – Rosanna used an old leather jacket of my husband’s and a pair of my well-loved leather boots to create wallets for the groom and groomsmen and purses for the bride and bridesmaids. Each one has been personalised with a message and the owner’s initials inside. She even managed to incorporate the Tartan from the groom’s kilt. A year on the wallets and purses have been used daily and still look great. Upcycling and ‘two-become-one’ at it’s best!”

Joan & Daniel Cotsford

Custom made leather laptop cases


“I saw one of Rosanna’s custom made laptop cases and I really liked the simple and classic design and with the addition of the owner’s initials – making it completely personalised. It would make a great and unique gift, although I decided just to treat myself and it’s perfect, I love it! I sent my laptop measurements to Rosanna who designed the case to fit beautifully.”

Jane Kenyon


Personalised custom made makeup bags


“I received one of Rosanna’s personalised wash bags as a bridesmaid gift. I am really impressed by the quality and beauty of the product- she used fun colours and patterns, and the leather just smells so good! I love it! ”

Erika Knights

Custom made leather handbag

square bag

“I had been looking for a new handbag for ages but couldn’t find anything I liked, so I decided to get one made by Rosanna. We discussed dimensions, colours, straps and pockets etc. She was very accommodating to my requirements and even incorporated some existing material I wanted to include, into the lining. It looks fantastic and is really well made. I get comments on it all the time asking where I got it. I love it, and the best thing is no one else has one like it.”

Belinda Knapp

Personalised custom made card holder

wallet square

“I was wracking my brain trying to come up with the perfect gift to give my dad for his 60th Birthday. A typical dad who doesn’t want anything! Then I came across Rosanna and her beautiful creations and the answer was right there. An absolutely beautiful card wallet, with a hand done inscription to commemorate the event and, bonus, it smells ACE! Thank you Rosanna. I can’t wait to give it to him!”

Christabel Davy


Custom made leather handbags

small bag 1“I was introduced to Rosanna by a friend. We got to talking about her bag and that’s when I learned about her business. With my sister’s birthday rapidly approaching and completely flummoxed as to what to get her, the light bulb went off and we talked about the potential of commissioning a bag. I  had a think about the design and then gave her a rough idea on the type of bags my sister likes. Rosanna came back with several fantastic designs and then it was the matter of costs. For the budget I had in mind, I could basically afford two bespoke, bags that were personalised to my sister’s tastes. Absolutely marvellous. So, my sister now has two amazing bags and the difficulty of choosing which one to use each day. Rosanna, you saved my bacon. Thank you.” Curtis Nicholson